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  Storahtelling - Our Story

Vision & Mission || Past || Present || Future || Year End Report 2010

In the beginning, story mattered. Woven through the generations, sacred stories charted community courses and mapped individual life journeys. Today, many are denied access to the relevance and transformative power of their inherited legacies. The People of the Book often don't know what's in it.
Bridging past and present, Storahtelling makes story matter again. Using an innovative fusion of scholarship, storytelling, performing arts and new media, our programs reclaim the narratives and traditions that define Jewish life yet have failed to adapt to modern times.

The Torah Service is the world's oldest continuous ritual of sacred storytelling. Conducted for more than 2,500 years, it was once the primary source of Judaic literacy for the wider community. Today, the Torah Service is still conducted weekly and continues to serve as the main event for the initiation of youth into the adult community. Yet, for the majority of world Jewry, the ritual has lost much of its power to inform and engage - and the Torah, core to the Jewish identity, remains a closed book.
Storahtelling restores the Torah Service to its original stature through a revival of the lost craft of the Maven, the traditional storyteller who translated the Hebrew Torah into local language. Rooted in biblical text and ritual practice, Storahtelling uses dramatized interpretations, traditional chanting, orginal music and live interaction to bring Bible off the page and onto the global stage.

Storahtelling is a pioneer in Jewish education via the arts and new media. Through innovative leadership training programs and theatrical performances, Storahtelling makes ancient stories and traditions accessible for new generations, advancing Judaic literacy and raising social consciousness.

Founded by Amichai Lau-Lavie in 1999, Storahtelling has grown into an international network of educators and artists, invigorating Jewish identity through dynamic educational programs and performances for multigenerational audiences worldwide.

Storahtelling has developed three program models to carry out its mission:

1. MAVEN Touring performances and leadership training programs that revive the role of the Maven for modern times, bringing Judaism’s oldest tool for transmission of the sacred back to center stage. Maven programs target audiences of all denominations and ages within and beyond traditionally religious settings.

2. RAISING THE BAR Reclaiming and reimaging the B’nai Mitzvah experience for the 21st Century by infusing it with the Maven Methodä. Storahtelling has launched a training program for B’nai Mitzvah trainers and provides complete study programs and ritual celebrations for private families and congregations worldwide.

3. STORAHSTEPS Our newest program focused on young families presenting fully staged bible-based theatrical performances and training programs for Early Childhood educators, parents and caregivers. Using an age appropriate adaptation of our Maven Methodä, StorahSteps programs retell Biblical narrative through a modern lens, accompanied by educational programming and online materials that engage and inspire young families year round.

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Full of drama, ancient wisom and suspense, Storahtelling is a revolutionary approach to Judaism.
(Jewish Journal, LA)

Vision & Mission || Past || Present || Future || Message from Storahtelling Board